Saturday, March 7, 2009

Regret Not

Regret not on how you felt,
Regret not on what you did,
Regret not on what you spoke,
Regret not on what you loved,

Because you are moving in the direction,
As your life is destined.

Just enrich the soul with righteousness,
So that it would instruct your body to do right deeds,
Later on which you would regret not.

Life is like a piano,
First learn the rules to play it,
Later forget the rules and listen to your heart to enjoy it.

Sunday, February 1, 2009


If you dream
You can achieve your dreams

If you wish
You can fulfill your wishes

If you will
You can lead a path to your will

Work towards your dream

If you win
You get victory

If you lose
You get valuable experiences

Share the experiences
And lead others to victory

Rectify the mistakes and lead yourself to victory
In just another blow.


Emptiness is not a color
It is not a shape
It is not a space
Its a vacuum in heart.

It can be driven away
Only by selfless love & good deeds.

And then you will experience
A life filled with bliss.